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Founded in 2012 by a group of young entrepreneurs determined to leave their mark on the world in innovative and creative ways, Remember To Breathe Productions is full service Event Planning and Entertainment Company that houses indie record label Remember To Breathe Records.

We have a plethora of services that range from Artist Management and Bookings to Graphic Design and Video Production. It is our goal to make our prices and packages accessible to all budgets yet able to meet your expectations, whatever they may be.

From tracking drums to voice over work; recording; mixing; mastering; full production music videos; photography; bookings; artist branding and management; music publishing; international distribution; album replication and graphic design work; Remember To Breathe Productions is ready to meet all of the needs for any of your creative endeavors. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the music industry; an up and coming local talent or just someone who feels like they have something they need to share with the world, we have the desire and ability to provide you with the skills, resources, assistance and information you will need to take your project or career to the next level.

When you are a part of the RTB family, all you have to do is Remember To Breathe… we’ll handle the rest.

Amanda Nicole Connors

Founder | CEO | Event Specialist | Music Producer | Booking Agent | A&R
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Originally hailing from the small town of Sharpsville, Pennsylvania, Amanda Nicole Connors is the founding partner of Remember to Breathe Productions. As a child, Amanda always dreamed of being a “rockstar” but after attempting singing lessons and trying to play just about every instrument she could get her hands on and failing, she gave up and decided to move on to a more practical dream of being a teacher. She attended Clarion University for Early Childhood Education but the dream of being a “rockstar” always loomed in the back of her mind and when the opportunity presented itself for Amanda to plan events instead of star in them, she took it.

While at Clarion University, Amanda began to hone those event planning, entertainment and musical skills by working with the University Activities Board as the CampusFest Chair. Amanda was responsible for handling a large budget and bringing in musical and comedy acts for the students on Clarion’s campus. This experience allowed Amanda to work with big names such as Ke$ha, The Band Perry, Lee Brice, The Bravery, Gym Class Heroes, Colbie Caillat and Cobra Starship. Amanda was able to use this time to make long lasting connections in the music industry.

After graduating from Clarion in Spring of 2011, Amanda made her way to the City of Pittsburgh where she took a position at Opus One Productions managing their summer marketing interns. In August of 2012, Amanda received an opportunity to take a position as a College Booking Agent with a different promoter in Pittsburgh, Drusky Entertainment. After about a year and a half of working in the music scene in Pittsburgh, Amanda came to the conclusion that city life was not her cup of tea and she moved back to Clarion. Without the college’s budget behind her, she quickly realized the area had no music scene to speak of and decided to create something for people to talk about. Combining her skills with that of her friend and former colleague, Herman Locke, Amanda established and began to grow Remember to Breathe Productions.

Herman Locke IV

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As a result of moving quite a bit growing up, Herman never really got a chance to settle in. His eccentricities and an energetic personality often landed him in trouble. He had become content with being an introvert until his junior year of high school when a series of now fortunate events lead to him having additional study halls periods. With an injured knee, Herman had to forgo his efforts to fit in through sports, and had to substitute gym class for free periods. With this extra time, Herman began helping out around his high school’s television studio.

The group that ran the TV department, NATV, turned out to be a perfect outlet for Herman. His senior year he was given a position on the Leadership Team of students that ran the studio. He gained valuable experience creating news pieces as well as dabbling in the other departments. Near the end of his senior year, Herman had no plan for after high school, but knew that it had to be something that allowed him to continue to be creative.

Herman spent the entirety of his college career outside of the classroom. Disappointed by the film facilities that the university offered, he ventured into other activates; finally settling in the University Activities Board. By his sophomore year he was voted president of the organization whose hierarchy held over 200 students. He gained valuable experience in the intricacies of event planning and booking through managing students with budgets of up to six figures.

During his college career, Herman built up his graphic design portfolio by taking any opportunity to create designs for groups and events on campus. In an attempt to gain a more encompassing view of the events his board was planning, Herman earned a position with the University Tech Crew which handled Audio and Video support for events on campus. This became the springboard that projected him into audio recording and mixing.

At the onset of his junior year, Herman found himself with even more creative outlets; with no clear career choice that could support all of them.

When asked to design a logo for his friend Amanda’s new company, he jumped at the opportunity to be involved, and one night of porch drinking later they had decided to create a record label.

Paul Sherer

Partner | CTO
RTB Records Paul Sherer
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In 2009 in his hometown of Russell, PA, Paul Sherer started his own web development business, WolfyMaster Media. Paul, who was no stranger to computers and technology dove right in.  What began as a simple summer project quickly turned into a full time job.

Paul soon started his next journey to Clarion University where he worked hard to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Political Science with minors in Psychology and Information Systems in just three years.  While at Clarion, Paul got involved in many different activities that allowed him to use not only his web development knowledge, but also his photography and videography skills.  During his short stay at Clarion, Paul worked within the Universities’ Newspaper, Cable Channel, and the Activities Board as well as regularly helping out the administration.

If he is not in his high-tech home office marathoning a project he could be out in the woods getting shots of a trapper for The Boonies International Film Festival or checking out a concert for the Indie Record Label he co-owns.